The 5 Best Bob Hairstyles to Try Right Now

It’s no secret that 2016 has been all about the lobs, but the bob is not going anywhere anytime soon. Keep your locks long enough to benefit from easy, breezy styles. We’ve compiled the best bob hairstyles braids for your next styling inspiration.

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1. The A-Line Bob

A-line bobs are universally flattering and have been a popular style for years. This style is cut straight at the neckline and tapers gradually towards the ears, creating a soft and elegant look. Because this style is so versatile, it can be tailored to suit any face shape and hair type. The A-Line Bob is perfect for anyone who wants a classic look that never goes out of style.

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2. The Asymmetrical Bob

The asymmetrical bob is one of the hottest hairstyles of the moment. This style is decidedly modern and features an asymmetrical cut that can be styled in a number of ways. Whether you go for a sleek and sophisticated look or something a bit more playful, the asymmetrical bob is a great option for anyone looking to change up their style.

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3. The Tousled Bob

A tousled bob is a perfect style for those who want a low-maintenance look. This style is all about having a bit of a messier vibe, which is perfect for those who want to look casual and effortlessly cool. The great thing about this style is that it can be tailored to any face shape. All you need is a bit of texturizing cream or pomade and a hairdryer with a diffuser to achieve the tousled look. The key is to not overdo it—a little bit of texture goes a long way!

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4. The Perfect Bob

A bob haircut is one of the most versatile styles a woman can have. It can be sleek and polished or tousled and messy, making it perfect for any occasion. If you’re looking for a style that’s both chic and low-maintenance, a bob is definitely the way to go. This season, we’re loving braids with bob haircuts. Whether you go for a simple three-strand braid or something a little more intricate, these braids will add some style to any bob. If you’re not sure which style is right for you, check out our top five picks!

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5. The Sleek Bob

Sleek and polished is the name of the game for this style. Keep the hair super smooth and flat for a chic and timeless look that will never go out of style. This style is perfect for the woman who wants a low-maintenance hairstyle that always looks put together. Straight hair is the key to pulling off this style, so if you have naturally wavy or curly hair, you’ll need to use a flat iron or relaxer to achieve a sleek look. With a sleek bob, you can let your natural beauty shine through without having to fuss with your hair.

If you’re looking for a good way to round out your hairstyle collection, the bob is definitely the way to go. The bob haircut is one of the most versatile styles available right now, with unique cuts perfect for women who want something different from their long locks.

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